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WAVECOM Portable Appliance Testers

Wavecom Instruments are Australia’s largest manufacturer of Portable Appliance Testing equipment.

From the basic TNT -el right up to the advanced TnP-500, Wavecom produce a tester for every budget and offer an extensive range of features to suit your needs.

The added benefit of choosing a Wavecom TNT Appliance Tester is that you can upgrade your unit in the future to have memory, scanners or printers.

Wavecom TNT -el
The all new Generation 4 TNT -el by Wavecom is an easy to operate appliance tester that offers a great value for money option, as it's one of the few testers in its price range that contains Leakage testing. This entry level tester adheres to the AS/NZS 3760 standard and is a popular option in New Zealand.
NZD $799.00
Wavecom TNT - elb
The TNT -ELB is Wavecom's newest appliance tester to hit New Zealand. It offers the same testing abilities as the TNT -el, but does offer an additional power bank charger for increased portability and flexibility. It still however contains the same simple and easy-to-use functionality and offers great value.
NZD $999.00
Wavecom TNT RCD
The TNT RCD tester is an easy-to-use appliance tester that's capable of testing all electrical appliances, including fixed and portable RCD's. This unit adheres to the AS/NZS 3760 standard.
NZD $1,699.00
Wavecom TNT RCD Kit
Coming in a heavy duty carry case, this kit includes Wavecom's G4 TNT RCD tester and an Isolation Transformer for testing RCD's.
NZD $1,899.00
The all new Wavecom TnP-500 is an extremely popular all-in-one kit, making it well suited for high volume testing or for people testing multiple sites and locations. It'll automate your entire test and tag process from start to finish, thereby increasing your overall productivity and quickening your testing procedure.
NZD $4,699.00
TnP - 500B
The all new TnP-500B model is similar to the other TnP-500 units, but comes with an additional lithium ion battery. This will ensure you'll have greater flexibility and portability when testing.
NZD $5,799.00
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