Test & Tag Printers

Test and tag printers are a vital accessory for people who are testing and tagging in high volume. By having your test tag printed on the spot, you'll be able to save time by avoiding writing data by hand and have your company logo featured on each one. We stock a complete selection of printers that support different PAT testers, from Metrel, Seaward and Wavecom.

Zebra TLP 2824 Plus
The high-quality Zebra TLP 2824 Printer is compatible with both Wavecom and Metrel equipment.
NZD $981.45
PAC-OPT Printer
The PAC-OPT Printer is PRE PROGRAMMED to work with the Seaward PAC3760 DL Systems
NZD $1,547.00
Zebra ZQ520 Printer
The Zebra ZQ520 is a highly versatile thermal transfer printer, designed to be used with the Metrel aPAT system. Able to withstand harsh environments, the ZQ520 offers Bluetooth connectivity, advanced durability and a user-friendly interface
NZD $2,295.00