Test & Tag Spare Parts


Caravan Plug Adapter Set
Known also as the 'Caravan Plug' - this adapter lead set is designed to allow testing of the 16amp leads often found in outdoor situations.
NZD $99.00
Powercon Lead
This Powercon Adapter Lead is designed to allow those in the Audio/Visual Industry to test their industry specific leads, using any portable appliance tester.
NZD $65.00
4mm Lead Pack
A replacement 4mm Lead Pack compatible with the Metrel, Seaward, PAC and Kyoritsu branded equipment.
NZD $65.00
Seaward Power Lead
Replacement power supply lead for a range of Seaward Portable Appliance Testers.
NZD $87.54
Kyoritsu Power Lead
Replacement power supply lead for the Kyoritsu 6201A Appliance Tester.
NZD $59.09
Orange IEC Lead
Replacement IEC Lead compatible with ALL Portable Appliance Tester brands.
NZD $38.50
Wavecom Crocodile Clip
Replacement Earth Return lead compatible with the Wavecom Portable Appliance Testers.
NZD $38.50
Metrel Power Lead
Replacement IEC power supply lead for the Metrel Portable Appliance Tester.
NZD $25.50
Metrel Fuses
Replacement fuses for the Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 Portable Appliance Tester.
NZD $20.00