RCD Testers

Testing of Portable RCD's (Residual Current Devices) commonly known as Safety Switches is a requirement of New Zealand Standard 3760. Some of the Appliance Testers in our range will test these RCD's. If you have a tester that does not have this functionality, you can use one of these "stand alone" testers specifically designed for the job.

The Portable RCD compact tester has all the functionality you would expect from a high end test instrument.
NZD $183.60
RCD and Isolation Kit
This package deal contains everything you need to test portable RCDs at an excellent price.
NZD $366.94
SEW RCD Tester
The SEW 4112EL is an entry level RCD Tester packed with loads of features that conforms to the Australian Standards.
NZD $441.75
The WCM RCD is a microprocessor based Residual Current Device Tester or an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Tester that meets today's standards of Safety and Performance.
NZD $379.22