PAT Tester Calibration

 PAT Tester Calibration Service

It is recommend that your appliance tester is re-calibrated every 12 months. This helps ensure it functions properly and provides accurate readings, as well as being a requirement of the New Zealand Standards.




 Tester Price
PAC3760 $119 excl. GST
Primetest 125 EL $119 excl. GST
PAC3760 + $119 excl. GST
PAC3760 +II $119 excl. GST
PAC3760 DL $119 excl. GST
Primetest Elite $119 excl. GST
Primetest Pro $119 excl. GST


 Tester Price
Delta GT  $119 excl. GST
DeltaPAT BT $119 excl. GST


 Tester Price
TNT $199 excl. GST
TNT - EL $199 excl. GST
TNT - ELB $199 excl. GST
TNT RCD $199 excl. GST
TNT + $199 excl. GST
TNT + M $199 excl. GST
TNT + XM $199  excl. GST
TNP-500 $299 excl. GST
TNP-500B $299 excl. GST


 Tester Price
Patrol Pro $119 excl. GST


 Tester Price


$119 excl. GST

Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of getting your appliance tester calibrated with a fast turnaround time. After all, you want your downtime to be at the very minumum. That's why we make certain guarantees with regards to how long you need to wait.

Brand Days
Metrel 3-5 Business Days
Seaward 3-5 Business Days
Wavecom 3-5 Business Days
Kyoritsu 3-5 Business Days

Our Calibration Service

When you have your tester calibrated with us, you'll be updated every step of the way. We'll inform you from the first point of contact and up until the very end where you get back your PAT tester.

If you purchased your appliance tester through us, we'll send you periodic calibration reminders to ensure your machine is looked after properly.

AS/NZS 3760 Requirements

Getting calibration services done routinely are vital in ensuring the results of your appliance tester stay accurate. In saying this, the general consensus is that PAT testers will basically require a calibration every 12 months, regardless of what type of tester you use.

As stated in the New Zealand Standards AS/NZS:3760:2010:

"The equipment required to carry out the tests detailed in this Standard (AS/NZS 3760) should be subjected to routine verification at regular intervals to ensure it is working correctly and its accuracy is maintained."

If you'd like more information on time frames, read our guide on PAT Tester Calibrations.


What locations offer Calibration Services?

Our service center is located in Auckland, but we offer calibration services New Zealand wide. If you’re in another location, simply fill in the form and post your tester to one of our locations and we’ll have it freighted back to you once the service is complete. 

What needs to be sent in?

Just the tester itself. We don't require any leads or cases to complete the calibration. 

How long does Calibration take?

Generally, calibration takes anywhere from 3-7 business days, but this does depend on the model of your tester. Some units may need to be sent to third party repair agent if there are specific concerns that need to be addressed, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. 

What happens if my unit has a fault?

Please note down any faults or issues you are experiencing on the calibration form that goes with your tester. Our technicians will assess the faults and provide quotes for any repairs that may be required. Repairs are not included in the standard calibration cost. 

Can I order acessories at the same time?

We can definitely include other tags and accessories with your calibration service if you require. Just note down the accessories you wish to purchase on the calibration form and we will add them to your invoice.

When do I need to pay for Calibration?

We will contact you via phone or email when your calibration is complete and payment is required. We accept credit card payments or EFT transfers. Please note, payment is required before we release your tester.

What do I recieve once Calibration is complete?

We will provide you with a Calibration Certificate, which documents the service that has been performed on your tester, along with a calibration sticker on the tester itself to indicate when it is next due.