Testers Over $2500

Megger PAT150 Kit
The all new Megger PAT150 is a simple, fast and reliable tester, capable of being used in any type of environment.
NZD $2,999.00
DeltaPAT & Godex Bluetooth Printer
Speed up your testing and tagging process with the new Godex Printer and DeltaPAT 3309 BT Tester. Using the android app connect the printer and tester via Bluetooth and print tags on the spot.
NZD $2,799.00
DeltaPAT & Godex Complete Kit
The new Metrel DeltaPAT Complete Kit now comes with the updated Godex Label Printer. You'll be able to connect your DeltaPAT 3309 tester, Android Device and Godex Printer together via Bluetooth connectivity.
NZD $3,699.00
Includes Free Tablet
Delta Pro Print Pack
The Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack offers an advanced Portable Appliance Testing solution and a large number of highly unique features that will transform the way you test and tag.
NZD $4,100.00
Metrel OmegaGT XA MI 3360
The OmegaGT XA MA 3360 is an advanced PAT Tester that's designed for people that require full testing capabilities and record keeping.
NZD $4,999.00
Seaward Primetest Pro Kit
An excellent entry level kit for those looking for advanced functionality and wanting to automate some of the test and tag process. Package includes the Primetest Pro tester, ZQ521 Tag Printer, Barcode Scanner and a 12 Month Software Subscription.
NZD $5,699.00
Seaward Elite+ Kit
The new Elite+ Kit by Seaward is a highly advanced portable appliance testing solution that will allow you to streamline the entire test and tag process. Everything included in this kit will help make your job easier, along with being of exceptional quality.
NZD $6,089.00
Megger PAT420 Kit
This Megger PAT Testing Kit includes the PAT420 Tester, Barcode Scanner, Zebra Label Printer and 1 x 500 Label Ribbon. The perfect option for businesses or those with high volume testing to complete.
NZD $6,999.00
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