Test Tags

Appliance Testing Supplies manufactures all of its electrical test tags in-house using only the highest grade materials. We have a complete selection of test and tag labels in NZ that range in both strength and colours, while all of them conform to the AS/NZS 3760 Standard.

Light Duty Test Tags
Light Duty Test Tags are an economical solution for large volume testing in protected, low traffic areas. These tags are non-laminated but very tear resistant.
NZD $22.23
Heavy Duty Test Tags
These Heavy Duty Test Tags feature a unique self laminating PVC security flap to protect the printed information and are constructed from Cross-Laminated High Density Polyethylene, giving them superior tear resistance.
NZD $35.40
Customised Test Tags
Customised test tags are an easy time-saving solution to help avoid writing each tag individually. Instead, each tag comes with pre-printed data that you can choose, while also being highly effective at promoting your business.*
Failed Test Tags
Failed Test Tags are used for items that have failed a test and therefore needs to be withdrawn from service and tagged so it is not used.
NZD $16.77
RCD Test Tags
If you have an appliance tester with RCD testing capabilities or an RCD Tester, RCD tags are ideal for test identification.
NZD $16.77
Surface Mount PASS Tags
These small-sized Surface Mounted Test Tags were specially designed for items where the other standard Test Tags are too large.
NZD $16.77
Hi Vis Failed Tag
High Visibility Failed Tags are used to indicate failed items clearly as a 'Failed Item' and ensures the safety of users.
NZD $34.27
Second Hand Test Tags
These Second Hand Test Tags are ideal for customers selling second hand electrical equipment. Each pack of 100 tags are supplied with a marker pen and meet the AS/NZS5761:2011 Standards.
NZD $16.77