Test & Tag Printer Label Guide

It’s certainly no joke, understanding which type of label to use for your test and tag printer can be challenging, regardless of how novice or advanced you are. Basically, PAT testers are compatible with specific printers that then use specific labels. Knowing which label would suit your printer then best becomes important.

Here in this article, we have broken down the various printing labels that are currently available on the market and the printers they are most compatible with. Refer to the table below for a quick comparison.

Types of Printer Labels

Printable Tags

Before we jump straight into putting labels against different printers that we sell, let’s first understand the different types of printers there are. Essentially, there are two kinds – Direct thermal and Thermal Transfer.

Each printer offers unique features but can largely be put into two categories. One is capable of printing direct thermal tags and the other is used by test and taggers who want to print thermal transfer tags. The decision of which tag to use depends on the environments in which the tags are being used.

Put simply, the difference between the two is that Direct Thermal is susceptible to UV rays and is best suited for indoor environments. In comparison, Thermal Transfer Tags require a ribbon to print and as a result it makes them UV resistant and has a longer overall lifespan. We looked at this in more detail in direct thermal vs thermal transfer tags.

The below table will help you understand which label you need to buy for your printer.

Printable Tags Required For Each Printer

Printer Tester Compatibility Label Ribbon
Seaward PAC-OPT Printer Compatible with - Seaward PAC3760 DL Appliance Testers Roll of 250 Direct Thermal Labels No

ProTag XL Tag Printer

Compatible with – Seaward Primetest Elite Tester Primetest Elite Direct Thermal Tags  No
Godex Bluetooth Printer Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT Appliance Tester Zebra Printable Tags Small Thermal Ribbon
Zebra ZQ520 Printer Metrel aPAT system Primetest Elite Direct Thermal Tags  No
Wavecom TNP 500 Printer TNP-500 and TNP Prime TNP-500 Printable Tags Small Thermal Ribbon

Types of Printer Labels

It goes without saying that both tags are highly durable when used in a suitable environment. We would advise anyone working in the construction industry, or any sort of harsh environment to certainly go for the thermal transfer tags.

That said, several other businesses do prefer direct thermal tags as well because they do the job, and the lifespan is not so much of a problem in the environment where they use the tags. In fact, these types of labels are way more in trend now in the test and tag industry.

It's worth mentioning that there is a ‘sort of the third option, which is the Thermal Transfer XL White Tags. These tags are specifically used outdoors because they are extremely resistant to direct sunlight and heat - thus providing the label with ultimate protection. The only drawback is that they scratch very easily when touched.

Printable Test Tags

Bottom Line

By now you should have a better understanding of which label best suits your printer. Choosing a label comes down to your work requirements and the environment in which you’ll be using the label.

If you’re someone who is still looking to buy a PAT tester with a printer, then you must do your research first.You can also understand it better in our blog on ‘Test & Tag Machine with Printers’. If you’re unsure where to begin, contact us anytime for expert advice and guidance on which PAT Tester and printer you’ll need based on your work requirements.